Gweny Love

Sunrise Over the Horizon by Welcome To My World is a presentation of the arts to benefit Mantua Worldwide Community, Inc.

Sunrise Over the Horizon "Live"! Show/Fundraiser
A good feeling, upbeat, theatrical-poetic experience merging visual and verbal arts with dancing and singing to celebrate love, life, and the beauty of living with a bright future filled with hope, joy, and splendor in spite of struggle….

Gweny Love & Friends
International House Philadelphia | Sat., Oct. 22, 2016 -- 4:00 to 6:00PM 

3701 Chestnut Street, Phila., PA 19104 | Info.: (215) 703-7071 (send/  -or-

General Admission: $20 | V.I.P. Admission $50.$75.$100

V.I.P. = Listing in the 2017 Commemorative Souvenir Journal & Reserved Seating

Mail Checks to: Mantua Worldwide Community | P.O. Box 38665 | Philadelphia, PA 19104

Gweny's Books & CDs will be available for purchase

For many years, I have donated hundreds of volunteer hours and contributed my own finances to fund my dream of helping our community progress forward in-sync with the massive progress of our great city and the world.  

Therefore, I am asking colleagues and loved-ones like you to support my performance in "Sunrise Over the Horizon" presented by “Welcome to My World”.  That effort is a part of a one-year capital campaign to assist Mantua Worldwide Community with the 
basic administrative and logistical infrastructure needed for a strong start.

Our immediate goals consist of providing healthy quality food, fruits, and vegetables, health services, chronic disease prevention, nutrition education, and safe spaces for physical activity, along with the performing and visual arts for families and individuals in Mantua.

Mantua is an under-served community, where residents must travel at least one mile to other parts of the city just to attain fresh produce, quality foods, health services, and resources to help them maximize their health, progress forward, and attain a better quality of life.

Mantua Worldwide Community, Inc.

Health | Wellness | The Arts

Mission:  Creating partnerships to serve the needs of humanity while making Mantua healthy, beautiful, and sustainable 

We inspire communities to heal on the inside and create beauty on the outside....

Below are easy ways you can donate, purchase your tickets, and place a full-page ad in our commemorative souvenir journal:

1. (send/
3. Mail checks to:
Mantua Worldwide Community
P.O. Box 38665
Philadelphia, PA 19104